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I’m not a real gambler. That would be a really odd thing to have to do for a living.

Where’d you go to play?

I play at a local park.

You’re a nice person.

(Laughs) Well, I’m not, for the most part. I’m a little bit of both.

Who is your favorite person to call?

(Laughs) You know, sometimes I’m glad I haven’t done that. When you do get that call that you like, it’s like an instant memory in the moment you’ve been waiting for it for 30 years. For some reason, I actually prefer it to being on the phone with a stranger.

You’ve played baseball since you were 5. Do you like baseball?

Definitely. I like to spend time outdoors. I like to go to the park, ride my bike, take care of my plants. I like spending time by the pool.
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What is your favorite thing about being a dad?

I’m so proud of what my wife and my little girls have done for me, for the family in general, on all the different fronts of being a family.

(Laughs) What do you get out of parenting your 3 children?

(Gets up, walks by a couple of photographers, pauses a moment) It’s nice to be reminded of our history. That we’re the last generation of Americans with this privilege. I feel proud to be with them every day. I enjoy the fact that we’re going to take care of each other until we’re dead, but still.

You seem to get along with a lot of people. You have a nice girlfriend. You went on a date to the Golden Globes last year with Jennifer Aniston.

(Laughs) Yes, yeah. She’s like me in every sense, except that she’s much younger.

Do you watch TV during the week of your kids?

Not very often.

Would you play some tennis?

I’m not very good.

Any other hobbies?


Are you a sports fan?

Nah, I don’t really pay attention. I was more into reading.

What time do you go to bed?

I don’t sleep very well. I’m not a great sleeper.

Do you like the outdoors?

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