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They are illegal.

As an illustration of this, what happens to the money if one of these gambling dens closes down? In New York City it’s $2.5 trillion or more. It’s the largest cash machine industry in the world. If it shuts down, the rest of the U.S. could be devastated by this industry.

Are gamblers going up and down the street? Yes. That’s part of life. What are these gamblers doing? They’re gambling. When they become good gamblers, they go down the street or to the bank.

Now, I am being very generous. To tell you the truth, a lot of these gamblers are good-hearted. It’s the fact they’re poor and they’re coming up on the street. They see what’s going on out there, they’re not going to stay out there any longer. And I think that’s true. But I don’t think all of the gamblers are evil or that they’re all going to go down the street. The difference here is that these people are betting on the futures of the world.

The world that could collapse. And that’s why they are trying to profit.

I think in the last 20 years that the casino casino has been the principal source of funds for organized crime and for terror. Because they have a monopoly that does not have competition from anybody. It was the only thing that could make sure they were not prosecuted for these crimes. It kept them, because they were very wealthy, very powerful and highly profitable.

And I think with this casino, you know, the government, the casino industry, I think they have got to pay a huge, huge price. And not only has it been a very important source of capital from the start, it does create, if you want to understand this, a cartel, not just the people who are making the bets, and the politicians, but also their own employees and others. And that is why I think we have got to have a very serious conversation. The way we are paying for our defense ought to be changed. We have to change it so that we would pay a level that the rest of the countries of the world would pay. We have to pay more for NATO because of how much it is costing us. We have to pay more for the National Security Agency because of how much it is costing us. There are too many problems. And I think this should be part of a major

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