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What are their interests? We all know that the average person can’t play for hours on end but what about those who can? What do they like to play and why do they like a particular game and not others? Is there such a thing as a “game addiction” that could be triggered and a person can develop one? What are the odds that a person will develop an addiction to a particular game or activity? The chances are extremely low but still, is that a good reason for a professional to play a certain game? No, no it isn’t, but the question persists.

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When people say they “just had a bad day”, what they really mean is they have had their life turned upside down. If you have ever been “sick” and your health was completely ruined, you had a bad day, it can be caused by several things. The one that matters most, or the one that keeps you “in the game” the most is a certain type of game. If you start playing sports, you could just as easily go from “sick” to “freed”. For example, if you were a professional tennis player you could end up being a very large man in a very small man’s body. There’s an excellent explanation regarding why this happens from a study at Cornell University in the book “Self-Sufficiency”. It’s all about how it works: when you play a bad game when you’re sick, your brain cells just aren’t able to function properly and there’s a massive crash that results. Even though the crash will eventually return, it can be far worse if it happens too often. This happens because “brain cells” are the equivalent of a machine. Every time you take a hit, your machine loses its strength, and if you lose it, your day is going to be very bad indeed!

This is why professionals like professional tennis are not “addicts” but rather, they enjoy the game and they enjoy their lives as professionals. If a person wants to play golf, they can still get healthy; however, if they don’t, they won’t be very successful. Likewise, if a person doesn’t like playing a certain game, they don’t have a chance; they could just as easily give it up or not play at all. If a player doesn’t like playing a certain video game, they could just as well give up on playing such a game. I would also note that people who suffer from “mind-body” problems are still allowed to play

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