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Do you start over and come up with something different?” But they don’t, which is part of the charm.

“The first game is just the initial guessing game,” says Tom, when asked to explain why The New Adventures of Pete and Pete doesn’t have an original ending.

“We always said we’d finish it and try and make something new and fresh about what we’ve done. We don’t have one.”

Tom also discusses the character of Pete in a way that makes you believe this is true, with the voice-over coming from Pete himself: “There’s a lot I’m not ready for and a lot I want to do more of. I’ve got a lot to learn so I do my share of pushing it as far as I can.”

Then there’s the main quest, which was set up in the first film, with a little help from producer Jon Peters. What Tom is now doing seems out of character, with it being the first time his character is “talking or talking out loud” as opposed to just responding to questions, leading into a big reveal about a plot point to come.
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“There aren’t too many things of importance to reveal,” says Tom. “I think a big part of it has to do with the mystery of how we got to it. You got Pete back, you get these two guys together. They have lots of money; they have lots of guns and ammunition.” The characters then go on to have a big scene together in the park as well as their own separate adventures, then they head out.

“They do a lot of interesting and fun things along the way. The other characters in the group have interesting and funny moments along the way.”

“The most important thing is making sure it feels fresh and different, which we did in a way.”

Of course, a whole other problem comes up as we walk through the credits, one of the more familiar ones for most fans, which is about the film’s director, Robert Zemeckis.

“It’s a sad day when it comes to Robert Zemeckis,” confesses Tom. “He’s one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. It’s just a shame they’ve run out on him.”

“I think he’s a lovely man, very gracious in his way. When I saw the credits for the first time, it was quite tough for me. They seemed to have gone away from the films to look

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