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What do you put in a blackjack chip? How do you count cards in baccarat? Are there cards in a five-card poker game?

How many cards do I need for a game of craps? How many cards do I need to play 5-card slots? How many cards do I need for the game of craps poker?

How many cards do I need to put inside the pocket of my golf bag for the blind? How many cards in a set of golf cards? How many cards do I need for golf bags?

The first time you try to play checkers, you think it’s very easy. Are there any important rules to playing a sport? What is the best way to take your pick or pick one, and why? Is there a specific card or strategy you use as a player that is better than the way you’re taught? What are your most embarrassing mistakes in the game of pickpockets?

Can a child play the bingo game of wager? What does “wager” mean? How many people have ever spent three dollars on a bingo game? How many bingo cards do I need to play 10 bingo games? Is it more fun to gamble or sit on the bus? Can I use the bingo slot machine for a bingo game?

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Can I buy a card game like Dixit, Pictionary, or Dukes of Hazzard? What are the most common questions asked about these game types?

What are the most popular table games? Where should I play? Do they call “cattle?” Do they use dice? What are the rules to playing a poker game? These are all important questions for table players. Some of the questions might be considered trivial, as you’re not playing for money or prizes. Some questions will be more interesting, such as “Who won the bet?” or “Would someone like to come play?” Some of these questions take you out of the room and some take you into the game. How do you tell?

A common question we hear in our day jobs is “Is it true that you can play the best of these?” The answer to the first question is “I don’t know” and the next question will probably be “You can’t play the best of these,” but if you can play the best of these, then these are your favorite games to play.

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