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If you have any luck, try to do 10 of these. You will fail about 85 percent of the time. But a few years ago, I had this thought that I should try to win 10,000 roubles, so I did it. Here are the calculations: One month: 0.33 roubles per roulette ball won. Twenty years from now: 18.67 roubles per roulette ball won. That’s a very good return. I don’t care if I am successful for a while, because I don’t plan to play roulette regularly for the rest of my life. The average person might have a roulette fortune of $1,500,000 or so, which is about what most people make in a year. A real roulette player might spend more money, but his fortune would be tiny.

When one takes the game very seriously, what are three things that can occur?

First, people who were very poor do not want to play roulette with a big sum of money, so they tend to be a little bit conservative. But in the old days, they used to get about $100 for the first time, which was not a big deal. Second, roulette is very difficult for novice gamers. They sometimes have no chance [after winning 1 in 10 of the 10 games]. Third, there are not many people who enjoy it. In my experience, it is not a game that anyone would want to play unless the money is plentiful.

Did you have to sell anything?

I sold about 20,000 roulette chips [1,400 $20 bills]. There was no profit made with these chips, but it made us feel happy to know there were people who actually paid for them. I was pleased with my little shop in the city of Nizhny Tagil. I had to close down my business before I got my next lottery check. But I never let my roulette business go without asking for any kind of help, even from the state lottery.

When your mother died, all the members of the family got a check?

No. I did not get a check. I was told that if I could sell 20,000 roulette chips, I would receive 3,000 roulette chips and a car. But the state lottery never gave me the money. People usually don’t want to give money to the state lottery, which is very unfair.

How did you make a living as a roulette player

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