How do you guess numbers on roulette? – Best Online Roulette Simulator Infographic

It’s been reported around the internet that roulette numbers have different shapes, and that it’s up to the player to interpret this shape into a number. So it may be possible for a game to be worth the gamble if the shape and number of the numbers aren’t known.

There is actually some evidence for this, for example:

A study by Peter C. Schmukler et al. appeared in the British Statistical Journal on April 12, 2002.

The authors found that roulette numbers with a non-zero square root value were more likely to be the result of random variation in play, than more complex ones, and that a complex pattern was the optimal choice. There’s some further information on how the numbers were determined here.

Are there more ways these numbers could change?

Yes, there are more than just roulette, and I would suggest that there are many other games that have different effects on the number shown.

There’s also no evidence for specific shapes. If it’s roulette numbers that are changing, you may be able to determine the actual number by the way they’re presented after all, whether the numbers you see are just roulette numbers, some other form of play (like sports betting), or whatever else. The more common form of winning is known as ‘skewness’. Skewness means that the number you see is the best you can guess with just the numbers that you see.

You are using gambling software on a mobile device. How is your mobile game similar to a roulette table?

The numbers are displayed by the random number generator, rather than using a traditional roulette mechanism on the back of a card. There’s no chance of getting a roulette spin when using the mobile version of The Gamble.

When are you thinking of doing a mobile version? When can people expect the game to be available?

We are very excited to be working with the industry to bring The Gamble to a variety of mobile devices. Our first goal is to provide our users the best possible gaming experience on mobile devices. We hope to have a beta out on each platform first, so we can get a good feel for the user interface, and to make sure we’re on target.

At the moment, the iOS version of The Gamble is on iOS 10 and Android 5.1 as of May 2016.

We do have other Android versions of The Gamble as well. The first is The Gamble on Google

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