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How do you play craps and lose? It’s like your favorite drink mixed with a heavy dose of depression.

And that’s what’s happening as more and more players find the game to be a little more difficult that it was a couple of years ago.

It’s almost as if they’ve taken a bullet to their self-esteem, but instead managed to survive through some minor injuries. It’s all about the long shots, after all.

It gets downright depressing when these players are in a pool and a bad number comes up.

“I’d like to think that the thing that separates the best from the rest is the ability to get the big win,” said the former college basketball star whose last game was Saturday in Atlanta.

“I want to feel good afterward, right?”

The worst part is that all the best players need a little “break.” There’s very little reward in craps anymore.

It’s becoming a bit too much of a burden for the best players to try to get a win on their own without help.

“If they had more of the confidence, more of the mental toughness, more of the toughness to know where they’re supposed to be — even if that means they got hit a couple of times — then I’m sure they’d be OK,” said former high school basketball star and current Philadelphia 76er, Kevin Seraphin. “Then they would have more of a belief in themselves and I think they’d be more capable.”

It would be great if players would just stop playing the game. It doesn’t pay anymore.

Some players even look down on craps, which is funny because the same players who claim they love sports are also into the craps tables.

Nowadays, all the pros are doing this as a form of social pressure. In the NBA, they’re actually playing on Sundays after their NBA teams play.

And that’s why some would say craps is being phased out.

“Yeah, I’m a huge craps player,” Washington Wizards superstar John Wall said. “I can’t sit still enough to be a craps player.

“You know, you have a group of friends who will bring in the cards and you just sit, watch, and wait for someone to hand you the dice.

“A lot of people in sports just don’t understand or don’t want to play. It’s not something they’re really willing to do, like golf

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