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Let’s assume that on a roulette wheel the following will happen (or at least what I had in mind):

-1 wheel: 1 point

-2 wheels: 1 point

-3 wheels: 2 points

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-4 wheels: 3 points.

If you have 4 wheels, the final point is 20.

Here’s a picture of my wheel from one of my previous games:

There are two sets of dice. On the bottom there will be a number, 1. On the top there is a number 0. The numbers 0 and 1 were already printed on the board, but the 3rd one was hidden in the last box. I can’t see it now but I thought when it was the last one you have to roll the wheel and add the corresponding number to it. There was no way to do that to the wheel on the top! So I took the wheel of the bottom set and added 0 to it. The result is now: 30.

On top of these the table starts with the wheel on the same horizontal line, the wheel on the left and the wheel on the right. If you put the wheel you choose on the table, it will move left (or right!) until you select another wheel. I found that on the very first turn it was possible to have one wheel selected and all the others moved left one wheel.

The game is pretty smooth and I never lost. As your game progress you have to choose between playing 4 balls or 5 and if you place all your bets on 5 they will all have a total of 5 points, but only when you play 4 balls you get an extra point.

Why is this game a fun exercise?

Let’s take a simple example. You put your bet on one ball as your 1st choice and it wins. So you have a total of 5 points. On the next turn, you will place your bet on another ball as your 2nd choice as it already won that ball. It wins that one too, so now you have all 6 points.

Now what? You have 30. You decide to choose either 5. When the board shows only 5 you choose:


You now have 4 points! That’s easy and the last point can be won quickly. I really liked this game because you can’t lose on first try.

Another way to enjoy this game – and it’s free!

If you have to make

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