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What’s the score? There’s a good chance we’re winning.”

As the words sunk in, he felt an uncomfortable grin spread across his face.

“I was in a bit of a bind, you know,” he confessed. “My wife, she likes you, and she’s married to a man named Mr. Z. You know, his name is Dr. Z, and she’s had some bad experiences.”

He turned to me quizzically. “So…you’ve had some bad experiences in your time, too?”

Before I could say anything, a voice called, “Catch a few bucks!”

Harry had his hands behind his back with raised eyebrows, and was busy counting down the money machine’s ten cents. My heart pounded in my chest, because this guy is an ace. He must have been an ace all through high school, too, because everyone else seemed to be playing on the same machine. Except him. “So you’re saying he plays the slot machine, too?” I wondered.

Harry shrugged, his mind wandering back to previous games and thoughts. “Maybe not. But I do have to say…as a boy, I was always fascinated by the machines. I remember my first game as a kid…I think it was a penny slot machine.”

“You know, this is all pretty funny, since you’re one of the first players to be on a winning streak,” I said, grinning along. “If this was back in your time, I think we could all see how much fun you could have.”

“I thought it would be fun!” Harry said, sounding delighted. “The money was good too! It’s not the best money in the world, but it’s still pretty good…It’s just a little bit expensive! But it’s money I can spend on whatever I want, like toys or cars or whatever, even things like jewelry.” He grinned again. “But for this kind of fun, money is no object.”

I grinned back. “You want that? Well, I can give you a good deal on a few things to get started…”

“Great! I’d rather pay that with these slots now than with money back then.” He said, waving his hand dismissively in the air. One of the machine’s two machines was empty. “So, you’re a jackpot player?”
Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine: Where To Play, How To Win

“I am. It’s just that I’ve always wanted to experience all the

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