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Don’t cheat. When I was younger, every game I played involved a combination of chance, luck, and skill—a big part of the thrill involved in the game.

How did your father tell you to play a slot machine?

In my first years, he never told me how to play a slot machine. I have a theory that if my father had a better hand the first time, he might have been able to teach me instead. The reason is because he could make me work for it, and after I won, he would make me play the game again.

How did you feel about the game at first?

It felt like a lot of fun at first, but then later, when I started playing more, it became a lot of boring work.

How did you win at the casino?

You don’t win the casino because you don’t pay attention. You don’t win the casino because you don’t try hard. You do play hard in the casino.

How did the card game and the slot machine work together?
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The slot machine required a combination of luck, skill, and manipulation. But the card game had the combination of strategy and strategy alone.

How did you like playing the slot machine?

I liked playing the slot machine more in the beginning—if there was a good board, a good place to play by mistake. Since it took a while to learn, I thought it would be more difficult than when I was younger. I also thought that, if I had learned to play before, I would have been able to play the gambling machine more skillfully. I think I was lucky with the slot machine.

What happened when you realized that the slot machine was better?

In the beginning for me the difference was only in skill—it was hard to figure out the correct hand at the start. When I realized that it really was more difficult than I had thought, I started to do more analysis to figure out how the machine worked.

What do you think about modern slot machines?

The most interesting one I have played was one where we could get lots of money for a few seconds of play. If someone was standing right in front of you and you could get enough coins to buy five times as much as you were getting for the same amount of time, your skill would show. The game was also better than when the player had to pay $10 to play in Vegas—if the

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