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The rules are simple:

You and a friend get to be the first two to place the numbers into the correct positions on a white sheet of paper

Once someone has done this they can take a single prize at random

You and your friend can keep an eye (or a pair of eyes) on the top spot to keep a record of who is correct, and who is correct

You should be able to work out the correct value by taking a number, looking down at a piece of paper and counting up. Or you could just look for the number and count up. But whatever you do your best to memorise the numbers and make sure they are clear.

If you are getting the numbers from friends or a teacher this works fine for beginners. But if you’ve got a friend that’s more advanced and you can’t be bothered with the maths, or you don’t want the teacher’s help, this is good for all ages.

To get started on a game of Maths roulette, you need to buy a small amount of betting slips, as you don’t want to gamble a lot without knowing what the numbers you make are going to be.

Find out why you shouldn’t gamble too much maths without being comfortable

I’ve heard other people say it doesn’t work for beginners, but that isn’t true I just didn’t get good results.

As you can see they have the same number of people and the same colour sheet. So if you want to play to win I don’t think the odds are too different in this instance.

But the important thing to remember here, if you play this game every day – even if you only do it once in a blue moon, is that it will not help you get good maths skills, it will only help you get good friends and eventually get into a good high-school.

I think the more people do these sorts of games, the more maths they will be able to pick up and start, but even if you go to classes and do them alone for months (and there’s no point – it’s not going to help you at all to have friends in high school), you still need to pick up a lot of stuff.

In the meantime I’ll be keeping up with the game of Maths Roulette for myself.

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