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As stated in other guides, the chamber capacity of a revolver ranges from 26 shots to 28 shots depending on the bore’s diameter. However, that is a fairly narrow range.

If a revolver is less than 22 inches in diameter, it has a chamber diameter of 24.5 inches. If it is an odd number of inches, the chamber size is 27 inches; and, if the chamber diameter is even, it is about 28.5 inches.

To determine your chamber size, you can measure the diameter of a revolver barrel with a drill measuring about 4-1/2 inches long with a straight-grained metal shank. Alternatively, you can use an accurate ballistics scale to determine the chamber size, using a special tool that measures the diameter of a bullet using a ballistics tester attached to a long piece of metal. This can be done by the same person who is shooting the gun.

After taking these measurements, it is possible to calculate a revolver’s chamber size using a formula based on these dimensions. The formula is as follows:

The next most important part to remember is that the .22 caliber is not a cartridge. It cannot be fired cartridge-wise. It cannot be fired in an open barrel. It is, to quote Tom Naughton, an “unseemly and unaccepted cartridge.”

A cartridge is a cartridge, made from one or a combination of materials, that shoots the bullet. A cartridge must be a unique combination of materials. The name cartridges is a term that applies to all the cartridges in rifles, shotguns, and handguns that are capable of being fired in those rifles, shotguns, and handguns.
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An unmodified, non-seemly and unaccepted cartridge is simply a revolver that has not been modified to allow the use of an expanded bullet. Therefore it is not able to fire cartridge-wise, cannot fire in an open barrel, and will not shoot in a revolver’s cylinder unless it is modified by a gunsmith.

An “expanded” bullet is a bullet created by a special kind of manufacturing process; this process adds materials to the bullets or inserts them into the barrel. The added materials alter the weight, expandability, and velocity of the bullet; thus it can be fired in a revolver, but not be fired cartridge-wise.

If the barrel is less than 22 inches in diameter and the revolver has a chamber capacity of more than 28.5 inches, you are still in a safe

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