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Q. What are the dimensions of the cylinder on a revolver? 0.9 in.

Q. How big is the cylinder on an average size 10 gauge revolver? A. A medium sized revolver is 1.8 in.

Q. How big is the cylinder on the same size 10 gauge revolver? 1.3 in.

Q. How many inches in circumference does the cylinder of an average size 10 gauge revolver have? 2.5 in.

Q. How far back does the cylinder have to be pulled before the cylinder will start to move again? 0.7 in.

Q. Can a revolver be fired with the slide locked open? A. Yes. On most commercial and some military revolvers, the hammer can be held on an open position for additional safety and operation of the gun.

Q. Where do cartridges come in a revolver? A. The cartridge is usually held by the loading bar and is pulled out of the chamber when the cylinder is pulled. There will also be an indicator in the grip when it is loaded.

Q. What type of ammunition is used in handguns in the U.S.? A. It is the type of cartridge used and whether or not it has the “H” abbreviation printed on the front. The “H” abbreviation is printed on a cartridge when it is manufactured.

Q. What are the dimensions of the cartridge in a handgun? A. The dimensions of a cartridge, or bullets, are the overall length, diameter, and length of the bullets in the cartridge including the projectile tip.

Q. What do bullets look like? A. These three pictures show the differences between a round hollow core .22 handgun bullet and the hollow core .45 calibre bullet.

Q. Do we know what color the bullets will be when we get our guns? A. If you get your gun directly from your manufacturer, there should be a sticker telling you that. If your gun has been sold, they should be stamped.

Q. What will happen to all the bullets in my gun that are now “misfired” since it has not been fired to check for malfunctions? A. The bullets would return to the original point of manufacture and you would have no way of knowing that those bullets were not properly chambered. If you do not receive your gun, get in touch with a gunsmith at your local range and ask them to check the cartridges, and that they can

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