How roulette is rigged? – Are Online Roulette Games Rigged Meaning Urban

The only way to know whether the system that determines the odds of winning in a hand of roulette is rigged is to try it with two players at the same table.

Suppose you are playing a hand of roulette. One of your opponents takes one of your two pieces of a four-card deck. What does that do to your chance of winning?

To begin with, you can only win if you have a four-card hand, and if you have not played yet, you cannot even get a chance to start with.
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You might also win if your first two-card hand is stronger than the last, but you have only a very small chance of winning if your last hand is one-half stronger than your first.

So, you win with about 50% of your chances. But, of course, you only want to make sure you win a four-card hand.

As an experiment, you run a roulette game with two players – you and the first card. When the third round of the game begins, you know that it’s the player with the strongest hand after you. You would win the game if both of you had only four-card hands, since one of you cannot possibly win a four-card hand.

You and the first card continue the game as before. You know it’s the player who is the strongest right away. You then use your last two cards to play each of the two cards with the same value as your last two cards, and keep doing things like that until you reach the third round in the game.

If you had been playing with two players, you would have made the same bet regardless of who had the strongest hand.

Roulette in the real world might not be so different. As it turns out, many casino roulette tables, many of which feature computers – but machines are still run by humans – are rigged, in the sense that the machines can sometimes determine the odds, but not always. That is, the odds can vary.

When we talk about rigged roulette tables, we are talking about things that happen to both players. So in our example with the two players having four-card fours, one of the tables will determine the odds for both.

In addition, the tables can sometimes give the player with the stronger deck an advantage, which we will look at in a second, although that is not the topic of this post.


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