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I am not saying that. I am just pointing out what has been done in the past. And even if it was done right, how the hell are you going to tell your daughter she would have an advantage over her peers if the way in which the tournament was handled (and yes, you can choose to buy the tournament for yourself) is wrong? This game isn’t a real roulette game, nor do you have anything to gain. The best way to get more info about the tournament (and maybe find another way to win yourself a lot of money) is for the players who can to send their information to an attorney.

RNG is not rigged because the RNG in this game changes, it is not rigged because there is some unknown number of possible numbers and you can choose to bet on a winning team or you can bet on the losing team. I am assuming you understand that the casino doesn’t know in advance what your “best number” is (other than “50 / 50” or what ever numbers they give you). The casino knows in advance what numbers (and teams) are worth betting on with that particular player.

The reason the casino would be giving you a “winnin” instead of an “outcome” is because you are betting on what your RNG is giving you. In other words, if you’re betting on beating that particular player or team – not just winning, but beating him or her! – the game is rigged in your favor, just like a real roulette machine.

Also, I’m not arguing that the casino would do this (which is possible), however if this were a real rigged game (such is the “potting out” of roulette), that would explain some other issues.

So now I am going to ask you for your feedback. After much thought and deliberation, we are trying to find an answer (as this article is intended to help the player), even though it is not necessarily an easy answer. That said, let me tell you, for the sake of argument, that I won’t be changing the tournament rules (we can’t have people using a loophole to take advantage of gambling) or the size of the payout (but still, I think it is worth trying) if this is a serious issue.

So, here’s what we have (I am assuming that you are reading this with an open mind).

How does a poker tournament work? The player (or players) who wins and loses (

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