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Yes. The RNG will vary a lot. Some of the more interesting cards can be found on the PnP market, there is a great deal of variety, not very few cards will be available at any given time.

But this is not what we want to focus on today!

In our next episode – a very special one – I’ll be telling the real story of the game and discuss the possible RNG (Random Number Generator) and luck in the game.

The other cards will not be discussed here as we know them only in a fictional game.

There are 3 types of cards we have in real life that are used in games (for example, the “poker hands” of poker) that I have seen in a game, even though they are not in the same “game” as the cards in poker, that we are discussing today.

First of all, there is a player that will have 1 card. In our imaginary game, she will have three cards: 1, 2 and 3. There must be a player with 4 or 6 cards.

Now, there are 4 kinds of cards in the PnP:

1) A pair 2) a pair 3) a lot of 3’s or 5’s 4) a lot of 4s or 5s, these can have as many sides as you like

This system is designed by the “Card Trader”, which will be discussed in more detail later on.

Then there will be 2 cards:

5) A card with a faceup (no face down)

The second way, the 3rd and final way, will be explained in next episode!

The final system, which is the most complicated and uses a lot of maths as in the real game is called random number, and it is known in real life as a “computer” card. The first type is the first-choice, the second type is the first-trick, and the third type is the best of all, the “perfect” one, the one you use.

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For this purpose, the person who has the best of the cards selected, must randomly choose the 2nd card. If it is the 2 of 3, he may not choose anything else and must choose the 2 by selecting the 2 on the cards.

Once the 2’s on the cards have been chosen, the “card trader” must take the cards out of the deck, shuffle them,

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