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How I make life a living hell: Playing roulette is an incredibly stressful and stressful job. On a bad roulette, you could be on the edge of your seat, terrified all the time. But it’s a lot of fun, too! My most successful day has been a little bit around the time that I got married – my fiancé was on the roulette wheel one second, and I was looking to roll again! This is a great moment that happens when people are just happy to be here. We laugh and we celebrate things; sometimes we even get together to play the lottery!

The most rewarding time I’ve had? When we got married! Our wedding was in December 2010, and our wedding day was in April 2011.

My most memorable winnings: I’ve won about £250,000 when I was young (before buying my first lottery ticket), but it was around £25,000 when I finally won!

The funnest thing? I was in The Thick of It and did my accent as James Nesbitt did, and my co-star, James Marsh, was also on The Thick of It, and he went, “Oh, that’s what we’re talking about! That’s James, isn’t it?” They are both lovely; they are the funniest people I know.

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A Super-Energy (Japanese: ダイヤモリー Super-Energia) is a type of energy used in Pokémon.


Super-Energias have no inherent power, and rather are only available as a side effect of Mega Evolving Pokémon through their Mega Stone (in Generation II), or when a Trainer with that item is holding one. Because Mega-Evolved and Mega Meteors are the only known ways to access the power of super-elements, some of the power gained in this process is in fact due to other sources, including electricity from Trainers holding the Energy Ball (in Generation V) and electricity from the Battle Tower’s electricity supply (in Generation IV). In addition, the power from super-elements is greatly limited. The only Super-Energia that is not dependent on electricity, or that can be obtained via the item Battle Tower, is Unown. Once held, the Unown’s energy is always consumed, and the energy held after Mega Evolving Unown is unusable.

By the time Un

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