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This is such an interesting question. There are two major differences in the way US and Russian roulette works: It’s more complex and more risky; you can win money against your opponent.

How is roulette more complicated and risky than US roulette?

Roulette is played every seven to ten days on the “Grand Prix” and “World Roulette” roulette machines in casinos. You’re likely to play roulette more than four hundred thousand times; over the course of a lifetime.

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“Roulette is an international game. The Americans only use four of five machines. The Russians use five of six.”

It can be confusing, or frustrating, to understand the various different types of roulette; the different machines, the rules and so on. In the UK, you can play on UK-style roulette on the BBC’s “Roulette” and “Poker” machines.

The UK-style Roulette machines are called “Poker” and “Grand Prix” and they can play from 1 to 32 hands; as well as roulette, poker and the “Grand Prix”, the machines will do casino games.

In the US, there are four different types of roulette machines:

Grand Prix roulette

Grand Prix is a type of roulette invented in New Jersey in 1891. This machine has four slots.

Grand Prix roulette plays with the following rules:

The amount that your opponent plays will be fixed up to a number of hundred dollars per hand, and he will earn $200 per hand for playing a roulette-determined amount

If your opponent plays more than your predetermined amount, you win the hand you started with.

If your opponent ends up playing a “winning” hand, he does not receive any money at all.

If you win a roulette-determined amount with a winning hand of “A-B”, then both you and your opponent win that hand. It’s like “blackjack”, except each player gets 5 bets to add up to the entire value of their roulette-determined amount. In all US-style roulette, you must win 1 to 10 hands before your opponent will earn more than $200.

The Grand Prix machines are considered the “standard” roulette play. All US-style roulette machines are considered “premium” Roulette and they can be played every ten days.

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