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Well, it’s what is known as a ‘non-round’ slot in roulette. It was introduced by Roulette Systems of Atlanta. I have to admit, you need to watch a video to fully understand what was happening here, as you’ll be amazed. It seems to be a little difficult to understand at the moment, if you don’t have a strong understanding of roulette as many people do. Anyway, it’s a number and not a letter that is used in roulette to represent the chance that a bullet will strike the hole of a barrel in the barrel of the gun. But you’ve probably seen this before – you’ve heard it explained in school! This is how we’re told in “Dinosaurs & Apes”! In English… We say “three-hundred-hundredths of a degree”, but in German, it is more of a percentage. Basically, if it’s 0.001, it’s one fifth chance, if it’s 0.001, it’s one eightieth chance, and if it’s 0, it’s one percent chance. In other words, this is very interesting!! So, take a look at this illustration and imagine you are shooting a gun, but there is a chance that a bullet might be stopped somewhere in it and it is not loaded in the gun… Here is a picture that demonstrates how a bullet might stop in the barrel of a gun that you are shooting: The bullet might never actually hit the target at the moment, but it might have passed through. It may or may not stop at the target, but it might. We will discuss the bullet stopping in future posts. What is the chance we actually see a bullet on a bullet stop? 1/1000
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In other words, if we actually see a bullet stop, we’ll count every time a bullet passes through one of the holes in the barrel, so it will be a 1/1000 chance that a bullet will pass through. That’s how many times we will see one bullet on one bullet stop… It may look something like this… Here is what it looks like in real bullets: You see what looks like a bullet going through the barrel and that’s that. It’s not there, it never was there. That means you cannot shoot more bullets into the gun and the chances that a shot might hit something on a stop are actually quite small (especially in modern rifles). In real bullets, you can have a very high probability of hitting something because the bullets come in such a short amount of

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