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It’s like that — it can look like this, to an untrained eye:

So, let’s say you’ve rolled that one. Why did the odds go all the way up to a $1,200? Well, for one thing, it’s a big wheel — something that would be a challenge to handle in a conventional hand, say ten of these. On the flipside, you’re also using a much more complex set of rules than most traditional roulette games use — the number of balls on the black side is five instead of four (but not too different to be used in a traditional table), for example — which has given the odds a bit more leeway because you can’t just add those two factors. But for other reasons, too, the odds are far more likely to go straight to a big number in a single roulette spin. And if it wasn’t for that, you could have had the perfect roulette game to buy your home.
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How can you make roulette balls go in a predetermined direction?

This is something that I’ll be writing about with some depth in the next week or so. Basically, you can use a series of mathematical techniques to increase the probability that the ball will go in a certain direction — which is, we hope, the same direction the odds go on their own. But at the moment, you can only do that if the game has been played multiple times. It was tested, and in one of them, the odds were as high as 10-to-1. Now, that will change in the future, but so far, people aren’t making huge bets, and you can’t bet more than $100 in this game — unless you roll over multiple spins.

In fact, that’s not what’s happening here — at least not at the moment. But you can be sure that a future revision might make things a little more interesting.

Feminist scholar Judith Butler is speaking out in response to Donald Trump’s win, accusing him of being a misogynist who has been “finally cowed by the forces of women’s liberation.”

On December 9th, Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. Butler, among the most respected figures in the academic feminist movement, responded to Trump’s victory by slamming the current US political system and, specifically, its tendency towards racism and sexism. “As an American, as a feminist, I was stunned,” Butler told The Guardian in a phone interview. ”

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