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For the record, the longest streak of four consecutive roulette spins was 5,080 spins on a single card. That is the equivalent of about 1.2 billion spins. (Here’s another great list of streaks of roulette spins.)

What is the longest record of roulette losses?

The record of the longest series of roulette losses was set in 2004, when an American and his British wife won $30.5 million in a single day’s roulette playing. Their streak of nine weeks of losses came to 3,741 spins.

How did the American learn of the record?

They were playing for cash a few weeks before. They were both playing in a slot machine game called “Betty Lou’s.” They were playing “Betty Lou’s” to try and buy a lot of money in one go, and the machine is set up in a way where you try and buy lots of cash as quickly as possible before you lose. In the end they both won the money they did get, but at different times. The British woman ended up with $10 in cash, while the American got $27 in dollars.

But the odds of winning were very low and in either hand: the American’s odds were 1 in 2,700, while the British woman’s were 1 in 4,500 — less than one in a million. The odds of getting the money from either dealer were roughly even.

What’s the most expensive place to gamble?

It turns out that it can be a lot of money to gamble — a fortune in some casinos. The most expensive gambler was a man who went by the name of “Billy Boy” from Arizona, which had a casino at the time. He played for a total of $18 million, but lost most of it. The only money he got in total was $7.2 million.

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