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The US State Department has expressed “deep concern” over the latest round of US-led raids that have killed at least five people, including two senior al-Qaeda operatives.
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In a statement issued on 9 August, department officials said that they are still examining the circumstances surrounding a raid on a camp in northwestern Afghanistan earlier in the week that killed an Uzbek and an Afghan.

As many as 30 people were also wounded, including seven children and two women, in the violence, officials said. However, their exact death toll remains unclear. Officials have yet to disclose how they arrived at the number of civilians killed.

“We are deeply concerned to learn that an additional civilian casualty this week resulted from a US air strike and we express our deepest condolences to the family members of those who have been injured,” said State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert. “We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the national security community to ensure a safe and secure experience for US personnel and their families.”

The latest round of US airstrikes took place on 9 August in the area of Waziristan, a region of Pakistan where the Taliban is based. The US has been carrying out strikes there since the early days of the Afghan war, where the terror group is believed to have received arms, money and fighters from Pakistan.

Officials have also blamed militants for the recent spate of raids. The US has carried out dozens of raids in the country, most of which have hit Taliban-connected hideouts. Many of those targets are in villages that the US says are strategically located to give insurgents inside the country easy access to vital supplies like food and fuel.

In a message on 10 August, a US warplane dropped leaflets over a village in the southern Khost province warning residents to leave in the event of any US strikes.

Two days later, the US conducted the deadliest strike during an American air campaign since 2001 when a US fighter aircraft attacked an al-Qaeda training camp at an Afghan base. Four civilians were killed by the attack. The death toll for the strike was later revised upward to at least 15.

At least two civilians were also killed in a bomb attack on an Afghanistan army base in northern Farah province that US officials said was part of an ongoing offensive against the Taliban. On the same day, four civilians died in an attack in the southern province of Kandahar.

The attacks have left the Pakistan-based leader of al-Qaeda,

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