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Where is it? I don’t know if these question were asked or answered, but I do know that there is one called Las Vegas. So when there is a question on any of this, I have to give you an answer that is not a random guess, but a logical answer. The problem is, that’s not what people see. They see a casino, and they’re like, “Huh? This place. This doesn’t belong in California.” And you can see that with the video. So I had to come up with three things to describe the problem, but as you can see, I ended up creating a whole bunch of answers. You’re supposed to watch the video and just see.
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But here’s the real reason why I got this idea and why I decided that Las Vegas was a bad place to be a gambler. Because I was a journalist for a publication of the same name, and, you know, a lot of times, we wanted to go to Las Vegas. This is always our goal, to go to Las Vegas. The problem is, that’s also not what people see. I’m trying to do something different, but I’m also trying to do something that’s actually funny. I’m trying to be very satirical. One of the things that I’ve found to be very funny in my work, is that we have two kinds of people. One kind I love very much to tell jokes at, like, parties, and the other kind of people like me that do a lot of gambling, and like, they really like it. The joke you’re supposed to tell is like, “Gambling’s cool, but it might be safer to just keep gambling.” I don’t want you guys to feel too comfortable.

It’s funny, because I had one article about Las Vegas that said, “Las Vegas is an interesting city, but gambling is the one thing you really have to see to believe. You have to go to Las Vegas to really get it.” And I got a lot of flack from people who said, “Well, it’s all right to be a casino guy, because a casino is a really good thing to go to, and you can do it.” And I went and interviewed a guy in Vegas, and he was a poker player. And he said, “I don’t go to casinos anymore. I went to Vegas because I don’t want to do it anymore.” And I’m like, “Huh? Wow.” And then another poker player from Las

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