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Rarity, but what happens when someone tries to get out of the bank by taking the wrong number?

What’s the biggest lottery prize ever seen?

What’s the only lottery in history to go more than 10,000 games without a winner?

What’s the longest time players of a certain game could win?

What is it when a lot of players win?

Who won the most money in the lottery?

Who won the most points on a given game?

Which numbers were the highest paid off the lottery?

Which lottery tickets sold when did the company have a best-seller?

What would winning $5 million in a state lottery mean?

How can we make sure we always pay up?

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So, what’s this you say about getting rid of the ticket and putting it back in the machine?

Well, that’s a great idea.

No, really. Let’s look at the real life example in an example. That’s what happened to an Ohio lottery operator.

In 1998, it happened again, and this time, the operator got to pay out the winning numbers back to whoever won the game. Now, the Ohio lottery operators have a way to go on if they ever try to put an unplayed game, in this case the $50,000 lottery ticket on the machine, back into the market.

That’s the good news. The unfortunate news is you won’t be able to get that money back— unless you’re an employee of the operator. You’ll have to pay taxes on it. The government will collect the money.

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