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The richest gambler is a person whose net worth is $1 million or greater. The median net worth for a gambler is $50,000, with a wide range of $25,000 to $1 million.

The last two rows list each country that has an active gambling market in the world, based on official data from the OECD. (These figures are adjusted for inflation.) While the U.S. and Canada ranked first and second respectively, New Zealand, Iceland and Sweden all placed very well.

Why so much cash gambling?

A 2007 study estimated the annual net value of all U.S. slot machines at about $100 billion—a figure which is higher than any other form of gambling. For the most current estimates, the government of the Republic of Ireland, which has no casino, also reports revenue from gambling at more than $10 per capita. On the other hand, the United Kingdom reports a mere quarter of that.

While the UK may be a low-stakes country, slot machines appear to be a highly popular form of gambling worldwide. In 2007, researchers published a study analyzing the most popular forms of gambling worldwide, and slot machines were ranked sixth on the list. In an industry where governments are always keen to expand, these numbers can only be expected to increase.

Do a bit of math and the most successful casinos in New Zealand and Australia are, well, not that successful at all.

In a first-of-its-kind case, the Supreme Court on Monday decided to hear a high-profile case of a Sikh who, the government says, is not eligible to receive a citizenship certificate because his mother, a widowed mother of 12 children born in India, is not related to the petitioner.

In December 2012, the government said a UGC-registered person should be granted “naturalisation” under the NREGA. Under the Indian Citizenship Act 1947, the petitioner had to get his mother-in-law’s consent and the father-in-law’s consent in order to get the citizenship certificate.

The government also said that if the petitioner’s mother was not related to her, he could not be entitled under the Act as she would not be naturalised under NREGA by a third party.

Nihal Pansare, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, who was in India all his life, was applying for Naturalisation in 2011. He had married a woman seven years earlier, whom he had met

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