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Table limits were introduced to combat this problem in the mid-1960s, based on several considerations…

Economists who worked on the subject of poker and other gambling industries concluded early in the 1960s that a fixed table was needed to keep gamblers away from the blackjack game. In order for players to avoid game loss, they argued, they must not sit in front of the table for more that a half hour.

The table, they concluded, could not support the number of chips needed for a full hand of blackjack, but would have to be set at a minimum amount to allow players to play the game. At a minimum, table limits would prevent players from stacking up their chips and preventing themselves from winning.

In fact table limits were initially used in the early days of online casinos. One of the earliest websites for poker games was called “Moral Poker” (see http://www.muric.com/moralspoker/) and listed limits at 200 hands per table.

How can I tell if my table is capped?

You can check the value of your chips by placing cards on the table when one arrives. This should be done at least every 10 minutes. As the game continues the value of your chips will decline until you reach the minimum number of chips required to play the game. Table limits are set at the discretion of the casino and can change daily (see www.gambling.ca).

How do dealers get their hands set?

The dealer picks a card. This card is either a straight, or the dealer draws a card from a bag or tray that may hold up to 7 cards containing the desired value of the hand.

The deck is then read at the beginning of the hands. Most players like to draw their first card, usually the king from the hand to start (usually at the end of a flush). The dealer then gets to the next highest card to begin the next hand on the board. The dealer draws another card.

At this point, the dealer may be looking for the last card of the hand. A standard dealer hand involves the dealer dealing his card to another player and waiting for the player to respond. Typically two or three players will respond. The dealer draws in another player who then responds and plays the desired card. These actions are generally done by hand, before the other player is even in the shot.

What are the table limitations?

The table limitations set by the casino are generally

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